MEET THE DOCTOR:                                         Board Certified Cardiologist - Board Certified Electrophysiologist


Walter Kusumoto M.D. M.P.H.

Physician/Medical Director/Business Administrator (onsite)

Director of Electrophysiology Enloe Medical Center

Dr. Kusumoto graduated with his Doctor of Medicine from St. Louis University, School of Medicine in 1995 and finished his residency in Internal Medicine at UC Davis in 1998. Subsequently, in 2001, Dr. Kusumoto finished his fellowship in Cardiology, followed by a fellowship in Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology in 2002, both degrees earned while studying at the Oregon Health Sciences University. Dr. Kusumoto then earned a Master’s Degree in Public Health in 2003, also at the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, Oregon. Beginning in 2002 the doctor first began to practice medicine in his field of Electrophysiology for Colorado Permanente. In 2005 the doctor left Colorado Permanente after accepting a recruitment offer from Enloe Medical Center in Chico, CA.

From 2005 until current, the doctor has served the Chico, California community as Enloe Medical Center’s Director of Electrophysiology. It was in 2005 that Dr. Kusumoto founded the Arrhythmia Center of Northern California (ACNC) where he has served his patients and the Northstate in his individual provider practice, until December 31, 2016.  


Beginning January 01, 2017 Arrhythmia Center of Northern California, Inc. (ACNC) officially began to see its patients under Dr. Kusumoto's newly formed medical group.  It is with great enthusiasm that Walter T Kusumoto, M.D. M.P.H. CEO makes this official announcement that moves him closer to his dream of bringing innovative cutting-edge quality patient arrhythmia services to California's Northstate. 


Please stay tuned for news of the addition of another board certified Electrophysiologist (physician) to our team in 2017.


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Vicki - Office Manager
HIPAA Security Officer / Ombudsman

Vicki serves the Arrhythmia Center of Northern California (ACNC) in the capacity of Office Director, Ombudsman, and Privacy Officer. Because Dr. Kusumoto’s primary concern is for the well-being and care of his patients, Vicki’s goal is to provide support to Dr. Kusumoto, his management team, staff and patients. Patient complaints and HIPAA issues are handled by Vicki. Primarily, it is Vicki's goal to ensure that ACNC's patients and staff know that they are valued.

Maria - Assistant Manager

Maria is the Arrhythmia Center of Northern California's (ACNC's) Finance and Human Resource Manager. Because Maria has worked many years in the medical industry, she also serves ACNC as a skilled Medical Assistant who rooms patients on Clinic Days. On non-clinic days, Maria is responsible for ACNC's employee and other non-patient recordkeeping. It could be rightly said that Maria is responsible for some of the basic "nuts and bolts" of ACNC's business operation. On days that would otherwise become chaotic, Maria quickly becomes our calm in the eye of a storm. Maria has strong problem solving skills and when she doesn't know an answer she will do everything within her power to find a solution.

Kristina  - RN

Kristina joined the Arrhythmia Center of Northern California (ACNC) in 2014.  Previously she served our community as a nurse at Enloe Medical Center.  We are thankful for her faithful assistance to Dr. Kusumoto and his patients, which has helped the doctor to achieve his goal of providing patient centered cutting edge arrhythmia healthcare in the north state.  

On clinic days, patients often see Kristina with the doctor during their appointments. Currently, Kristina serves the ACNC in the capacity of RN, Clinical Supervisor and Care Link/Merlin manager. We are grateful for Kristina's contribution to the Arrhythmia Center of Northern California , her nursing skills are complimented by her always cheerful and kindhearted attitude.



Carmen - Medical Biller

Carmen began working for Arrhythmia Center of Northern California (ACNC) early 2013 as a receptionist and now works as our Medical Biller.  Our ACNC team is benefited by Carmen's gregarious personality, winning smile and her love for working with people.. Her dedication to accuracy and detail sets her apart. Notably, it is Carmen's willingness to go the extra-mile to help our patients out with their billing questions.

We are thankful to have Carmen on our team.

Crystal - CMA

Crystal began working as part-time temporary employee with the Arrhythmia Center of Northern California (ACNC) in November of 2013. Crystal instantly fit in with this practice and its patients. She consistently tries to find ways to improve her skills, is cheerful and has been an asset to our team. Thankfully, beginning in March of 2014 Crystal agreed to become a permanent full-time member of ACNC's team. Crystal works on clinic days as a Medical Assistant and assists Dr. Kusumoto by rooming patients, obtaining vitals and updating prescription information. When working on non-clinic days she is busy assisting our clinical team with procedure scheduling and providing other patient services.

Elizabeth - MA

Elizabeth began working with the Arrhythmia Center of Northern California (ACNC) since October of 2016 first as a receptionist and currently serves our patients as a medical assistant.  On clinic days she rooms patients, completes patient intake, updates patient history, records vitals and medications.  On non clinic days Elizabeth manages our new patient referrals.  Elizabeth's attention to detail and dedication to prompt patient service compliment ACNC's Team goals to provide quality patient care.


Carmen 2- MA

It is Carmen who makes sure that all of the documents and test results are loaded into your patient records on clinic day so that the doctor will have your most current information available during your appointment.  Carmen joined our team at the Arrhythmia Center of Northern California (ACNC) in March of 2017.    Because we now have two Carmen's working at ACNC, we fondly refer to her as Carmen 2.

Carmen's cheerful dedication to detail in reviewing patient accounts adds yet another layer the great patient care that ACNC strives to provide.


Courtney - Medical Receptionist

It is Arrhythmia Center of Northern California's receptionist who normally will be your first contact at our office, whether by phone or in person.  The medical receptionist will expertly answer questions or get you in contact with a staff member who can best assist you.      

Because accurate and frequent patient data maintenance is required, our medical receptionist will verify and update insurance coverage and copy insurance cards at each visit.  Additionally, our medical receptionist will provide you with an annual registration packet and make will make sure that your packet is attached to your electronic health record which can be viewed in your patient health record (PHR).   

Other duties performed by our receptionist are to collect co-pays, payments on account balances, make appointments, perform appointment check-in and check-out; as well as verify home address, email address and phone numbers at each visit.  The receptionist is here for our patients!