Some arrhythmias can be localized to a specific location within the heart. This process is called mapping. Once the arrhythmia is mapped, sometimes the arrhythmia can be cured by ablation. Ablation involves applying radiofrequency from a small catheter, which cauterizes a small amount of tissue involved with the arrhythmia. Once cauterized, this tissue no longer conducts electricity, and hopefully no longer causes arrhythmias.

A computer generated three dimensional map of the left atria, which is one of the chambers within the heart. This patient had atrial fibrillation due to an atrial tachycardia located at the mitral annulus. The dark red dots are where radiofrequency was applied to "burn" the area causing her atrial tachycardia and atrial fibrillation. Note the pulmonary veins enter the back of the left atria.

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